Shipping Container Showroom

Genussregal: Stacked Shipping Container Showroom Springs up in in Austria

by Bridgette Meinhold 

A rack of shipping containers set along a road in Styria, Austria is both a landmark attraction and an exhibition as part of a wine boutique. The Genussregal, which means «the shelf of pleasure» is conceived as a giant shelf displaying products from around the region. Designed by Vienna-based BWM Architekten und Paryner, the exhibition space is a monument to regional culinary delights and combines space for an exhibition hall, wine and culinary shop, and storage as part of the Vinofaktur Vogau. The containers act as displays and will be changed and moved periodically to reflect changes in what the shop has to offer.
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Brothers Erich and Walter Polz had a vision to enlarge their vinotheque and wine logistics center to make a larger statement about the products they were selling. Drawing only from the local region of Styria, the brothers have a unique business that promotes only local produce, wine, meat, and other products. They tasked BWM to create a new identity for their business and a landmark destination that visitors would want to visit as well as purchase regional delights. BWM not only designed the exhibition hall, shipping container racks, the shop and accessory buildings to support the endeavor, but they also conceived the exhibition “So schmeckt die Steiermark” (a taste of Styria).

The highlight of the Genussregal is a 60 meter long, 12 meter high, and 6 meter wide steel beam rack that holds the shipping containers. Containers have been set in the rack to display symbols and products of the region. Side walls are cut away and painted with bright colors and labels to act like window displays. Information on and in the containers tell passers-by more about where the goods are delivered, stored and sent around the world. Some of the containers will even be used as tasting rooms and lounges. Over time, the containers will be repositioned and rearranged to provide visitors new attractions.

World’s First Exhibit on Container Architecture

World’s First Exhibit on Container Architecture Curated by Jure Kotnik Lands in Seattle

by Bridgette Meinhold 

If your love for container architecture is as unbridled as ours, be sure to hit up a new exhibit at the Seattle AIA Gallery. Curated by Jure Kotnik, the traveling exhibit features photographs over 1568 containers from around the world and explores this alternative prefabricated building approach. The exhibition landed first at the Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design in Slovenia, moved to the ESA Gallery in Paris, then to the Platoon Gallery in Berlin and finally lands on the west coast in Seattle, where is will be until December 9th.

Jure Kotnik, an architect based out of Slovenia, is most well known for his recent book called Container Architecture as well as a number of completed cargotecture projects. The traveling architecture exhibition was designed to showcase high-provide container projects from around the world as well as to promote his monograph. Featuring the works of 19 firms, the show demonstrates the many uses of containers in the built environment and proves that quality architecture isn’t about the materials, but rather how you use them.

You’ll see works works you recognize and ones you don’t along with projects from LOT-EK, Platoon, Shigeru Ban, Adam Kalkin, Hybrid Architecture and more. The exhibit also features information on the important characteristics of container architecture along with scale model shipping containers. The 1:50 scale models let visitors try their hand at shipping container architecture.

The Container Architecture Expo is open for one more month in the Seattle AIA Gallery at 1911 First Avenue. You can tour the exhibit on Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for free.