Container Show Room

New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers & Caravans to Show Off Kiwi Films

by  Bridgette Meinhold 

New zealand on Screen is a new project to showcase Kiwi film, TV and music videos right on shipping containers! The organization wanted to engage visitors using dynamic facilities that could enliven quiet spaces around the country, so with help from New Zealand based Stroybox, they retrofitted the containers and a caravan and turned them into interactive media rooms. Through October 23rd, New Zealand on Screen will show iconic Kiwi films, TV and music videos both inside and on the surface of the converted containers in Auckland and Wellington. A traveling caravan mini-cinema will tour around the country to small towns that don’t normally get to take part in film festivals.

Brightly painted and decorated with classic film moments, the two sets of converted shipping container  lounges sit on wharfs in Aukland and Wellington. Inside, visitors can learn about and watch classic films and TV or play around with a state-of-the-art interactive video wall. There’s also a ‘Scene Stealer’, an iPad app where visitors can take a photo of themselves, be inserted in a classic NZ film or TV scene, and then share the image via email, facebook and twitter. Outside, giant QR codes let passersby learn more about what’s going on inside these exciting containers.

A retrofitted caravan is making its way around the South Island visiting 18 towns and holding screenings. This pop up cinema is an effective way to bring the festival to towns that rarely get to be involved in film and TV culture. Recycled materials and vintage decor were used to decorate both the lounges on the North Island and the traveling caravan. Classic film memorabilia on loan from the New Zealand Film Commission engages the visitors and adds to the nostalgia. Paul Ward, content curator of the New Zealand on Screen project tells us, “It’s about creating intersections of offline and online environments to give the content more currency without having to build a museum or movie theatre.”

Alterra Beach Container Resort

Alterra Beach Resort Uses Shipping Containers For Private Glamping Cabins

by Bridgette Meinhold 

Alterra Glamping is an all natural resort near the beach in Pinamar, Argentina that combines outdoor relaxation, art and sustainable style. The resort touts itself as a «Glamping» destination and makes use of old shipping containers as private cabins. Artfully and simply decorated, these container cabins feature colorful interiors and bright daylight-filled windows – read on for a look inside!

alterra resort, pinamar, argentina, eco tourism, shipping container rooms, shipping container hotel, cargotecture, glamping

Pinamar is a beach resort located about 350 kilometers south-east of Buenos Aires and the landscape is predominantly filled with dense pine woods. Originally, the resort was an art gallery and the funky and colorful main house was built by local architect Clorindo Testa. To transform the art gallery into a hostel, they changed some of the spaces into rooms and added two private cabins in the woods. No trees were harmed and the cabins were placed in between the trees. The main house still functions as a gallery, which is now located on the first floor.

The space retains its artsy and funky vibe and the rooms can still be used as studios if you want to take an art vacation. The shipping container cabins were created by placing two 20-foot cabins together in an L-shape and each features heating, cooling, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a private balcony. The containers were bought from the port of Buenos Aires and the insulating panels are made ​​from reconstituted materials.

Alterra´s accommodations are designed to keep you in close contact with the surrounding environment, which is why it’s considered upscale camping or “glamping”. The resort also features a pool surrounded by a deck of recycled wood, an organic shop, a paint shop and massages if you want one. Rates start at around $US 1,100 per week.

Shipping Container Hotel Slated For Detroit

Collision Works is a Boutique Shipping Container Hotel Slated For Detroit

by Bridgette Meinhold

We just got wind of an exciting new project for Detroit – a boutique shipping container hotel, co-working facility and community event space all wrapped into one. Construction will begin on Collision Works in 2013 and the facility will support the arts and food-centric Eastern Market community. The multidisciplinary design group, which includes New York architecture firm KOOP.AM, wants to provide a place for travelers as well as space for the community to gather, collaborate and forge a new future for Detroit.

Detroit, Collision Works,, shipping containers, cargotecture, boutique hotel, shipping container home

Collision Works is a project under development to create a boutique hotel and mixed use space for community use. Originally called The Detroit Hotel Project, the facility will have 36 hotels rooms built from shipping containers to create an eclectic, artistic and truly unique space. The designers, aided by the Detroit Collaborative Design Center and KOOP.AM, who has experience building with containers, chose the modular building material because of Detroit’s history with import and export of goods. They also felt that the material was very durable, would cost less, and was faster to build with than standard construction techniques.

The goal of Collision Works is to provide space for travelers coming to Detroit to experience or aid in the renewal. Additionally, the community wants more space in which to gather and collaborate, support mentoring programs and share stories and experiences. Collision Works is working towards B Corporation status and will operate their business with equal interest towards economic, social and environmental success. Currently the group is working on design and pre-construction and construction is slated to begin in the spring of 2013. If all goes as planned, you could book a room for fall of 2013.

Shipping Containers Prefab Hotels

CitizenM Prefab Hotels Now Provide Affordable Luxury in London and Glasgow

by Bridgette Meinhold 

The new prefabricated CitizenM London opened in Bankside this month and next month another will open in Glasgow. Unique in both their modular design and in construction, the CitizenM hotels are focussed on providing affordable luxury, which they accomplish through economies of scale by prefabricating the rooms. Designed by Amsterdam-based Concrete Architectural Associates, the CitizenM Hotels are edgy and urban and a whole new way to look at the hospitality industry through the eye of lean manufacturing.

CitizenM Hotel, Glasgow, London, Concrete Architectural Associates, prefab hotel, modular hotel, prefab, eco hotel

Back in 2008, CitizenM built its first two prefabricated hotels in Amsterdam as an experiment, and then took the lessons they’d learned to design and build the hotels in the UK. They started with the design of the room, which includes a king size bed, a pod-like toilet, a shower and a sink. Adjustable lighting, iPad controls and modern stylings give this room the right hint of luxury and practicality. The rooms are manufactured in Luton, just outside of London, and they come almost ready to go. When the modular rooms are delivered to the site, they include all the furniture, wiring, plumbing—they just need to be hooked up to utilities, given a final clean and be provided with linens. The hotel also features plenty of lounge, meeting and work spaces along with a cafe and restaurant.

Each hotel has a traditionally constructed foundation and ground floor with the modular rooms stacked on top like LEGOs. Similar in concept to cargotecture, the hotel is made up of these modular building blocks, but unlike shipping containers, these rooms are brand new construction. “We have way less waste, and we know the number of hotels we’re planning to open so can build rooms in huge numbers,” says Rob Wageman, principal at Concrete Architectural Associates, in a Wired article. “That allows us to keep the price of production low.” London Bankside opened earlier this month and the Glasgow hotel opens mid August. CitizenM has already constructed enough rooms for yet another hotel to be built somewhere in the UK and hopes to expand into New York soon.


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