Aether in SF Opens

The project consists of three stacked shipping containers; the middle, cantilevered section features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, creating a lounging area that hovers over the street below.

Photos via Aether.

Above: A pair of Eames leather loungers in a cantilevered reading are that hovers over the street.

Above: A side view of the Aether store.

Above: The exterior is painted a uniform shade of dark gray; a row of planters add a note of green.

Above: A side view of the shop; on the top level, a row of outdoor lights provides illumination.

Above: A sliding door closes off the shop at night.

Above: The upstairs aerie overlooking the street invites lounging; a photographic mural shows a watery landscape.

Above: A reclaimed oak wood floor adds a note of warmth.

Above: A custom steel shelf holds various objects for sale (Sigg water bottles, laptop cases, travel bags).

Above: A belt-driven laundromat-style coat rail spans the three levels. To see another novel coat rack, go to A Coat Rack with a Surprise.

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