Container Restaurant – Sydney

Greenhouse: Joost’s Garden-Wrapped Waste Free Shipping Container Restaurant Comes to Sydney
by Bridgette Meinhold

A waste free restaurant? Impossible you say? Not when built by artist Joost Bakker, who designed the pop-up restaurant in reverse to ensure that there would be no trash, that everything is recycled or composted and the entire building can be dismantled, recycled or reused. An impressive feat to say the least, the green eatery features a completely local, organic and seasonal menu, some of which is grown right on the roof of the shipping container and strawbale building. Greenhouse by Joost opened only a few weeks ago at Cambells Cove and will be open until the end of March.
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The eco restaurant was designed specifically to be a traveling show that could be packed up into shipping containers and includes the building structure, stairs for the rooftop access, kitchen, bathroom, bar, furniture and staff change rooms. A rooftop garden will grow some of the restaurant’s herbs and veggies, while cooking oil powers a generator. Strawbales are used to insulate some of the walls and the interior is decorated in writing that explains the zero waste policies of the restaurant.

Joost wasn’t kidding when he meant zero waste either. Literally, nothing goes to waste. All organic matter, including flatware, is composted for the rooftop garden. Water is collected on site and the toilets are super water efficient and feature a mini-sink that fills the tank for the next flush. Food is sourced seasonally from local farmers, delivered in whole form and processed on site. For example, a wheat farmer brings fresh grains to the restaurant each week, where they are then ground to the desired meal. Wine and beer likewise are delivered and served from kegs or barrels. The menu largely depends on what is available.

Cambells Cove in Sydney is the first stop of Greenhouse by Joost on its international tour. The restaurant will close at the end of March, pack up and head over to Milan for the International Furniture Fair before hitting other major European cities. Better hit up the Sydney location and take advantage of the amazing view.

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